Why Cannabis is Has Less Risk Than the Alternatives

Medical marijuana is quickly sweeping across the nation, and more and more people in the United States are able to see how medically beneficial cannabis can be in the right situations. In fact, many pro-cannabis individuals and organizations testify that medical marijuana is much less dangerous than a lot of other medications and substances that are available on the market today. If the government makes something illegal, most people assume that it is because it is dangerous or risky to use, correct?

Well, what if I told you that using cannabis is less risky than using another substance like alcohol? Or even less risky than common prescription medications? Yes, I am serious. One of the main arguments for the legalization of weed is because it is a natural alternative and generally considered risk free. For some medical patients in the United States, medical marijuana is used in place of more dangerous drugs like opioids and strong prescription painkillers.

There are almost 96,000 deaths every year in the United States alone related to opioid overdoses and abuse. The saddest part about all of those deaths is that they are preventable. The majority of people who are using these medications are just trying to treat their symptoms from their chronic conditions, but end up getting addicted to the drugs. Medical marijuana is not addictive, and it is nearly impossible to overdose on it. According to an official court case, a cannabis user would have to smoke more than 1,5000 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes in order to lethally overdose. That is impossible.

So why am I talking about all of this right now? Well, it does not make that much sense that medical marijuana is not legal on a federal level right now, especially when we consider other substances in the United States that are legal. In fact, for the first time in the United States, more than 100,000 people died from drug overdoses in a 12 month period, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Again, most of these drugs are being used to treat painful conditions that can also be treated with medical marijuana. In fact, many of these conditions are found on state’s medical marijuana programs and are very treatable. Cannabis has more of the same benefits of other substances in the United States with little to no risk at all. It is basically impossible to give yourself a lethal overdose with marijuana, which is not the case for a lot of prescription medications and drugs out there on the market. It is safe to say that, for many medical marijuana patients in the United States, cannabis is a much safer alternative to the other substances they could be using.

It is also worth bringing up alcohol in this conversation, and I will tell you why. Did you know that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports an average of 95,000 Americans dying from causes attributable to alcohol in the span of 4 years? All of these deaths are preventable. Many Americans succumb to drinking just about every day to deal with emotional or physical pain – or to simply find an escape.

Medical marjiuana can also be used in these situations. It has more health benefits than alcohol and is a much safer alternative. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain risks with cannabis, especially when consumed often and in very high doses. One such risk is the development of cannabis dependence or cannabis use disorder, which basically causes the patients to have an addiction to marijuana.

What is Cannabigerol 

If you’re familiar with cannabis, you probably know about CBD and THC, which is something that’s been around for a while, and it’s very easy to remember for a good reason. One of these makes you feel high, the other not so much. However, one of the newest cannabinoids that’s been growing in popularity is CBD, or cananbigerol, which is something that’s known as the “mother cannabinoid” since it does have a lot of therapeutic benefits that are not psychoactive. 

In a lot of younger plants this is something that’s very dominant, but as your plant begins to mature, the enzymes will break down, and it becomes THC and CBD, which is why it’s not super common. Most of the time, cannabis breeders will actually grow more of this through crossbreeding and other kinds of techniques. 

What’s better, CBD or CBG 

Both CBD and CBG are not psychoactive, so you won’t’ et high off either of those. While CBD is a lot more researched, there are some promising benefits to those who take CBG as well. Some of the benefits of CBD include the treatment of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, s autoimmune conditions, schizophrenia, epilepsy, hypertension, psychiatric problems, vomiting, nausea, and even issues with chemotherapy, and other digestive problems too. 

CBG is something that’s kind of early on, but a lot of researchers are starting to see signs which are promising for this, and it also has a lot of antibacterial, antiparasitic, and antifungal kinds of properties, so it also has a lot of other anti-inflammatory properties without feeling the high that THC usually causes with this, and it also is good for slowing cancer cell growth. CBG is something that does bind to the receptors, unlike CBD, so it may lead to better treatments of various conditions, including cognitive and nervous system issues and problems. 

The promising benefits 

Right now, the best specialties that CBG come with include anything involving oxidative stress and inflammation, which is basically a fancy work for free radicals imbalance and also antioxidant properties that are there. Oxidative stress is something that’s been contributed to a lot of problems, including cancer, diabetes, inflammatory problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other neurodegenerative issues that come with this. 

With a lot of people dealing with every single year, it’s something that is caused by the death of these spinal chord and nerve cells, which does impact the mental function. 

It’s been found that CBG in particular is great for neuroprotection, and it can help provide more antioxidants as well, boosting up the defense of the body. it’s also good for helping with motor skills, improving the cognitive behaviors of this, and also alleviating any problems that may be in the body. 

There are a few ways to take this as well. Usually, anything that’s full-spectrum will include this. This also includes CBD oils, which usually have trace amounts of this. 

You may want to look for specialized products however, with a higher level of CBG than it would be with other kinds of cannabinoids. These can include oral sprays, tinctures, extracts, flower, and also other kinds of brands too which may be good for you. 

If you’re someone who is looking to enhance your cannabis experience, then look no further than this type of cannabinoid, as it does offer unique properties and benefits that other cannabinoids may not offer, and it’s something that’s really good for the body. You’ll definitely get the full array of benefits with this, and you can further enhance the benefits when you use CBG with CBD and THC as well too.

Cannabis and Regenerative Agriculture 

Fossil fuels and agriculture are a major part of climate change, with the impact of this being a major topic, since cannabis processing is getting faster and more pronounced, it’s important for the industry to take responsibility when it’s needed. 

How cannabis creates environmental Impacts 

The impact of this is mostly found in the soil and the ecosystem. This is due to too much cultivation. The farming of cannabis does require a lot of water, which is responsible for droughts, and the wastewater that goes into the soil from the rives does come with some chemicals that are residual. There is also the fact that the compounds that are in cannabis can be volatile, responsible for increasing your ozone levels within the cannabis area, and the carbon footprint that happens from the greenhouse and grow room is another big issue. 

Splitting the cultivation is something that businesses can’t necessarily do, and it won’t fix all of the issues with cannabis growth. The goal Is to offer more customized, ethical practice of providing agriculture that’s sustainable, and regenerative agriculture is something lots of businesses are looking for the ability to take care of growing cannabis effectively. 

So what is regenerative agriculture 

This is basically where you improve the biodiversity, and local variants of this usually are something you find hanging around, and they’ve been around for a bit. 

The goal is to evolve all of this, creating “closed loop” operations that let you restore the natural elements of the water, soil, air, and various ecosystems, offering better yields with the growing harvests. 

Regenerative agriculture is also going another step further than regular agriculture, offering healing aspects on the environment, improving the quality of crops, but that’s of course, much easier said than done. 

Hemp for example, does have the ability to sequester the substances which are toxic in solid that are polluted, generating them into better, more arable land as time goes on. Not just that, the large canopy also allows the prevention of bad weed growth, and it can be something that has a lot of applications that are eco friendly and help others. Regardless of the crop this is used, this is something that can help mitigate the impact that farming has on the environment, which is why It’s something that may be more economically efficient with time, but right now, organic farmers do steer clear of this because it’s not something that’s super popular. 

Dry farming 

However, there are some people who have found an alternative to regular farming for regenerative farming, and that is dry faming.  This is a fad sort of farming, and it’s something that’s used in California, where they maximize the output, and it’s something that’s been interesting in some cases, since it does save you some water. 

It’s something that allows the crops that are in dry areas to grow water, and it allows them to save some water as well. It also doesn’t need as many herbicides and the like for the growing of this, and it also includes reducing the amount of fertilizer that’s used too, and energy as well. 

Dry farming utilizes different techniques, and cannabis is something that’s largely become popular with this type of growing mean. It involves adding organic matter that’s aged, and double digging the sol so it aerates. You need to tend to the soil in a careful manner if you do this, and capture the rainfall, along with dry mulching. The solutions are still being looked at, but hopefully we have an answer to the growing climate change problems and farming soon.